NOTICE: Email Server Configuration Error

At approximately 7:3o P.M (U.S Central Time) yesterday (May 25th) we discovered that a configuration error was present with our MX addresses, this error meant that any email you attempted to send us was never actually sent to us and was returned to you with error code 550. We apologize for this extreme downtime, we were not aware of the issue until now, it may have been this way since August 30th 2016 when we changed hosting providers. At no point was any information compromised via this error, emails from us continued to work, it just prevented you from emailing us back. We’ve worked with our hosting provider to fix this issue and at this time all email systems seem nominal. We’ve likely missed a few hundreds emails in this time-span, if you’ve previously sent us an email and it failed, you can now forward that email to us for review immediately.

My Apologies,
Andrew Gildner

AMD Ryzen: A Potentially Bleak Future for Intel

As of February 22nd 2017, AMD’s newest lineup of CPUs dubbed “Ryzen” has officially launched, and while not yet actually available on sites such as until early March, it has struck a clear business fear into Intel. YouTube user AdoredTV has uploaded a video discussing the current issues over at Intel, and about how they laid off some of their workforce, likely in preparation of Ryzen launching.

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Ransomware – A User’s Worst Nightmare

Ransomware is on the rise, it is a malware infection that will encrypt a user’s files and hold them for a ransom that normally can only be paid in bitcoin or other not easily traceable payment forms. This type of malware infection is particularly crippling to a business as they could potentially lose financial information and more to hackers. Recently, Malwarebytes shared a blog post that a hospital in LA paid around 17,000 dollars in bitcoin (40BTC) to recover their files that were encrypted by Ransomware, as a result of this and the rise we have noticed in Ransomware infections, we will now cover what Ransomware does in this blog post as well as how you can protect yourself from this threat.

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