As of February 22nd 2017, AMD’s newest lineup of CPUs dubbed “Ryzen” has officially launched, and while not yet actually available on sites such as until early March, it has struck a clear business fear into Intel. YouTube user AdoredTV has uploaded a video discussing the current issues over at Intel, and about how they laid off some of their workforce, likely in preparation of Ryzen launching.

Its no secret that AMD has long been lacking in the innovation department, at least as far as processors goes, this has changed after many long years. AMD is now back in direct competition with Intel once more. This is good news for both consumers, and for AMD, purchasing a modern CPU is no longer cost prohibitive due to Intel’s previous unmatched innovation. AMD has introduced a line of CPUs that perform on par with Intel’s Kaby Lake processor line, and they did so while offering it to us consumers at roughly 1/3rd the price Intel was charging (varying by CPU). Below is a layout of the new Ryzen line, and the respective prices (via wccftech)

The future for Intel is now uncertain, they’ve clearly been struggling to make any large innovation recently, breaking away from their “Tick Tock” format as a result. It is a very likely Intel is going to lay off more people to pour more money into R&D to produce a new CPU line that will separate them from AMD once more, we will find out within the coming months. The new lineup from AMD is not quite perfect however, Intel still has AMD beat in some technologies, but nothing that would warrant Intel to continue to charge extremely high CPU prices. We expect Intel prices will begin to drop for the Kaby Lake line and below within the coming weeks in order to compete better with AMD. You can find out more about Ryzen, its performance, and its quirks from LinusTechTips on YouTube.

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