As of June 1st, 2016, TeamViewer experienced a downtime to all users due to a massive scale DoS attack on their DNS servers (as claimed by their press statement). Following this downtime which is still affecting some users globally, users began to flood the internet with reports that their computers have been remotely controlled by an unknown person via TeamViewer.


Following the release of an article about the hacking by The Register, they tweeted the above to TeamViewer’s official Twitter account, TeamViewer promptly responded claiming that they are not compromised despite thousands of user reports and complaints on Reddit.


TeamViewer has blamed any reports of hacking on the users. They claim that the users are not using secure enough passwords, yet many users who have extra verification steps were also affected by this alleged hack event. There has been allegations that the DNS for TeamViewer’s remote servers pointed to a Chinese IP address for a short period of time during TeamViewer’s reported DoS attack, these have not been proved as true yet, but it appears likely.
What this means for those affected:


Thousands of users have reported watching the unknown hacker navigate to their Paypal, banking info, and other vital money services and attempt to steal all of their funds. Some users have also reported the hacker stealing files containing personal information from them. Paypal has been slammed with dispute reports from users who had their money stolen as shown above.
What you should do now:

If you’re already affected by the hacking incident and lost access to your accounts or money, contact every potentially compromised account service, including your bank to regain access and prohibit further theft. In addition, immediately uninstall TeamViewer from any computer that it is currently installed on to prevent further theft. Once you have locked down your accounts and removed TeamViewer, change ALL of your passwords for any service that you have ever logged into on that device as the hacker may have acquired the details of your login for it.

If you’re not already affected, but have TeamViewer installed, remove it immediately until further notice from the community! If you don’t have TeamViewer installed, share this with your friends just in case they do, or know someone who does. Tech Support scammers have been known to use TeamViewer, and a result, many users may have it installed without being aware of it fully.

Please be safe out there,
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